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Michael Burke, the executive director of the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (MAPG) was recently featured on a National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast of the Here & Now program following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).  In addition to Mr. Burke, Lia Nower, the director of the Center for Gambling Studies at Rutgers University, was on the program.

Both Mr. Burke and Ms. Lower stressed the need for proactive steps to be taken with the possibility of legalization of sports betting throughout the United States.  Mr. Burke stated:

“All the states that are going to legalize sports betting we hope will be responsible stewards and help to take care of the problems that are going to exist.”

As a positive example of the gaming industry taking proactive measures Mr. Burke noted:

"I was in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago speaking at the state gambling conference, and one of the groups that also spoke was MGM Grand Casino and Hotel, they talked about their new Game Sense program. They come in, they help their clients set limits as far as the amount of time they gamble and the amount of money they spend. They're taking a really big step to help people get assistance before they get into the later stages of problem gambling."

Ms. Nower added:

"We don't have preventative mechanisms and accountability in places like race tracks. Casinos have a long history with self-exclusion programs, some work more than others. But if the states don't require evaluation and accountability, like we have in New Jersey for online, there's no way to find out if these people really do have resources.”

In an interview with the Michigan Gaming Newsletter, Mr. Burke noted that people interested in learning more about this important topic can attend the upcoming 32ndNational Conference on Problem Gambling, which is taking place in Cleveland July 20-21.  Complete details on the conference program are available at

Mr. Burke further stated:

 “The casino gaming industry has been very responsible in its approach to addressing problem gambling issues.  Based on what I heard at a recent conference, MGM Grand is taking some very innovative steps to help its patrons to game in a responsible manner.  Additionally, the financial contributions made by the three Detroit casinos is tremendous.   One of the goals of the MAPG is to make sure that this money casinos have provided gets spent by state officials in a responsible way to address the need for treatment.  We would welcome help from all of our gaming industry supporters as we advocate for this.”

Mr. Burke’s comments echo those of American Gaming Association President Geoff Freeman, who stated  in an April 2018 press release:

“It’s time to comprehensively review existing responsible gaming policies and regulations.  We must drive a new discussion around proven, effective programs and ensure that governments are appropriately allocating resources.”

The AGA has announced a national initiative, working with leading gaming industry organizations, academic professionals and advocacy groups to chart a new course on the complex issue of responsible gaming.  The new Responsible Gaming Collaborative will identify the programs and policies that best address responsible gaming and the prevention of problem gambling and hold government accountable for supporting proven, effective solutions.


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