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Yesterday, an editorial by Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard ran in the Detroit News calling for the repeal of the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”).  It provides, in part, as follows:

The massive, unregulated illegal sports betting market has zero oversight, no accountability, and is devoid of consumer protections. As a result, the clear majority of this money doesn’t just change hands among friends and family. Instead, it passes through criminal organizations, often based in other nations with loose laws around taxation and financial regulation.

It’s important to remember that illegal sports betting doesn’t stand alone — it supports a whole host of other illegal activities, from money laundering and racketeering, to extortion and drug trafficking. By bolstering crime, this cycle of illicit sports betting also drains law enforcement resources across the country. My colleagues who dedicate their lives to fighting crime and protecting all of us deserve support — and that means supplying them with full resources they require to do their jobs. But under PASPA, that isn’t a reality.

Sheriff Bouchard was appointed the Sheriff in Oakland County in 1999 and has been reelected five times since.   Previously, he was the Senate Majority Floor Leader.  He was first elected to the state Senate in 1991.  Significantly, as a Senator, he served as the Chair of the Senate’s Gaming and Casino Oversight Committee.The Committee traversed the state in the beginning of 1997 to hold hearings to get Michigan residents' comments about casino gaming. The Committee also heard from industry leaders, state officials, gaming officials from states with legalized gaming, and casino operators and suppliers. The Committee worked on the package of bills that comprehensively amended the Gaming Control and Revenue Act.


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