The Ohio Casino Control Commission’s Division of Skill Games has proposed 28 rules pertaining to skill-based amusement machine (SBAM) games, as well as established application and license fees. Click here to view the Proposed Rules/Definitions pertaining to Skill Games. 

The Rules establish that there are three skill-game categories:

· A - Games that do not enable a payer to receive a prize as a reward except for free replays (pinball and arcade-style games)

· B - Games where a player uses skill to obtain a prize wholly contained within the machine (crane and claw machines)

· C - Games where a player would redeem tickets, tokens or vouchers awarded from the machine to obtain a prize.

Licenses and fees will be based on the type of skill game, and who owns and oversees the machines.

According to its website, effective February 1, 2018, any company interested in seeking certification as an independent skill-based amusement machine testing laboratory may contact Andromeda Morrison, Director of Skill Games, for further information.  Requests for game and technology approval may be submitted to the Commission beginning April 23, 2018. Additional details regarding the game/technology approval process will be available to all stakeholders and interested parties prior to the approval commencement date.  The Commission has scheduled Monday, April 23, 2018 as the tentative  “go-live” date for skill game regulation. Beginning on this date, and continuing until July 22, all type-B operators, type-C operators, and vendors that wish to continue conducting or participating in skill-based amusement machine (SBAM) gaming must register with the Commission. Registered operators and vendors may continue to conduct SBAM operations in Ohio provided they also submit an application for licensure no later than August 21, 2018. Registration remains effective until the Commission renders a final determination on the operator’s or vendor’s application for licensure.

Additionally, all key employees, type-B operators, type-C operators, vendors, and type-C locations must be licensed by the Commission prior to conducting or participating in SBAM gaming in Ohio.

More information regarding the registration and licensing processes will be made available by the Commission closer to April 23.


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