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The Michigan Lottery’s fiscal year ended September 30, 2017 and they have released preliminary revenue figures.  Revenues for the Lottery in the 2016-2017 year totaled roughly $3.3471 billion, up from $3.1181 billion in fiscal year 2015-2016, or 7.4%.  The 2016-2017 numbers are still subject to any year-end audit adjustments.

The Lottery has focused increasing attention and advertising relating to its continued expansion of its iLottery products.  iLottery products are offered on the Michigan Lottery website and through mobile phone apps.  In 2015-2016, iLottery revenue totaled $48 million, or roughly 1.4% of total revenue.  That number increased significantly in 2016-2017, with revenues increasing 103% to $97 million.  Likewise, the percentage of revenues derived from iLottery sales also skyrocketed, increasing to 2.9% of total revenue according to data obtained from the Michigan Lottery via a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by the Michigan Gaming Newsletter.  This follows an increase in iLottery sales from 2015 of 160%. 

At his Advice and Consent hearing before the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee hearing on March 29, 2017, Aric Nesbitt, the commissioner of the Michigan Lottery, noted that there was: “Good growth and continuing growth with iLottery …[we’re] continuing to look at new ways whether it’s through new opportunities for people to play and have fun and have the opportunity to win.”  It seems clear that the Lottery is focusing on iLottery as one of the areas to focus on to achieve further growth.


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