According to an article in the Macomb Daily this week, the trial of David Hoppe, operator of Café 777 began on January 29th. At the center of the trial is the operation’s use of gaming machines that included a “preview” button that allows the players to know the result of the game before playing the game.  

The defense attorney in the case has argued that the machines involved received a non-gambling certification from a gaming laboratory, Nick Farley & Associates, and thus are not machines that are chance-based. 

The state’s view of the matter is that the use of the preview feature is an attempt at a “work around” of the state law according to the article in the Macomb Daily.   Even though players can preview the particular game outcome, in order to get to the next spin, players need to play the game. Mr. Hoppe has been charged with operating a gambling operation illegally, maintaining a gambling house, and using a computer to commit a crime.