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Examines 10-Year Social and Economic Impact

In a press release issued this week, Firekeepers Casino presented the results of a study that was commissioned to examine the social nad economic impact the casino has had on the local community.   In December 2019, the FireKeepers Local Revenue Sharing Board received the Socioeconomic Indicators and Economic Impact Analysis of FireKeepers Casino and Hotel. The Board engaged the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo to complete this study in accordance with a long-standing commitment. The promise was to update the economic and social indicators within Calhoun County identified in an initial 2008 Upjohn Study as possibly being impacted by the development of the FireKeepers Casino and Hotel.

“NHBP is pleased to see that the results from the impact analysis reinforce what the Tribe always believed the impact of FireKeepers Casino Hotel would be on our community,” NHBP Tribal Council Chairperson Jamie Stuck said. “The report clearly shows both the economic and societal benefits that FireKeepers has had on the City of Battle Creek, Calhoun County and the surrounding region.”

 The socioeconomic indicators examined by the Upjohn Institute include economic opportunity, crime offenses, financial impact, and family and children.

Upjohn Institute estimates that in 2018, 2,426 jobs were added to the labor market due to people from outside of the county patronizing and spending money on services at the casino. These are public and private sector jobs, including direct employment by FireKeepers and also jobs created from the need for others (for example, grocers, accountants, and dry cleaners) to supply goods and services to workers at FireKeepers. FireKeepers represents slightly more than 4% of all county employment.

The report found that gaming adds almost $250M in additional sales in Calhoun County, along with $21M in personal income. Combined, gaming and non-gaming activities, sales in Calhoun County were $443M higher due to activities of patrons and the facility, and personal income rose by $65M.

Within the social indicators, Upjohn concluded that both Emmett Township, where the Casino Hotel is located, and the County are doing just as well and in some cases better now, both when compared to the baseline year of 2008 and when measured against our comparison counties. These indicators included crime activity, bankruptcy filings, senior assistance requests and divorce rates and domestic violence reports, among others.

A full copy of the study is available at this link here.



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