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Earlier this week, MGM Resorts International (“MGM”) released the 2019 Social Impact and Sustainability Report which it entitled “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity. Protecting the Planet.”MGM stated that the report reflects its commitment “to create a more sustainable future, while striving to make a more positive impact in the lives of its employees, guests and in the communities where the Company operates.”

MGM further noted: “Significantly, this report serves as a new annual environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting baseline, from which the company will expand its impact and address new challenges as they arise. Accomplishments outlined in the report include:

· Establishing a mentorship program for women, providing more opportunities for advancement

· Providing free higher education to employees through the College Opportunity Program;

· Donating 1.5 million meals through the Company's marquee program, Feeding Forward;

· Reducing water usage by more than 29% per square foot

· Earning LEED Platinum certification for MGM Springfield, the highest rating ever achieved by a gaming resort”

"As our stakeholders and investors demand more action, it is vital that we evolve a strategy that directly addresses the most material and pressing issues, creates value and ensures the longevity of our Company, our communities and our planet" said Bill Hornbuckle, Acting CEO and President of MGM.

As part of the report, MGM provides data on some of the contributions it has made in various communities, including the following data relating to the contributions MGM Grand Detroit has made in the City of Detroit:

· 339 employees volunteered 2,598 hours

· $52,881,733 paid to Detroit-based business

· $7,424,829 paid to Minority Business Enterprises

· $2,545,097 paid to Women Business Enterprises

· 52% of employees are Detroit residents

· 72.3% of employees are racially or ethnically diverse

· 54% of leaders are racially or ethnically diverse

· 53.8% of employees are women.

MGM also noted that it has made major efforts throughout the current pandemic crisis.  “So far, the company has distributed $7 million dollars in emergency grant payments supporting employees and their immediate families impacted by the crisis; donated food and products valued at over $1 million, including 500,000 equivalent meals for food banks and 100,000 masks for community health needs; and leveraged its procurement and logistics expertise to source 500,000 N95 masks, 260,000 gowns, 250,000 rapid PCR COVID-19 test kits and 200,000 gloves on behalf of the State of Nevada COVID-19 Task Force.”

"Across the United States, we know that our local communities are still in need of assistance on many levels," said Jyoti Chopra, Chief People, Inclusion and Sustainability Officer. "We are committed embracing humanity through our support and advocacy whether it be for racial justice, equal employment laws, providing food and meals for those suffering hardships due to the pandemic or protecting our planet through leading sustainable practices. Across a broad spectrum of environment, social and governance areas, we will continue to engage with our community partners to understand societal needs and identify how MGM can be part of the solution."

The full report can be downloaded from the MGM Resorts website here.




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