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On July 29th the Michigan Gaming Control Board (“MGCB”) issued a notice to all potential applicants and licensees emphasizing the need for all operators to submit their license applications no later than July 31, and requests suppliers and vendors to submit their applications by August 14.

The MGCB further noted that operators and platform providers who will accept wagers on an operator’s behalf should submit their internal control standard (ICS) for internet gaming and/or internet sports betting for MGCB review and approval by August 31, 2020.

Pursuant to the MGCB notice, each operator and platform provider should prepare ICS based on its role and responsibilities. The state noted that it anticipates platform providers to be responsible primarily for the processes identified in the ICS requirements. However, the Board emphasized that operators also are expected to submit ICS based on their role and responsibilities (e.g., calculation of adjusted gross receipts/adjusted gross sports betting receipts and taxes/payments remitted, and procedures performed to monitor its platform provider to ensure compliance with the acts, rules, ICS and terms of its agreement).

Please do the following to facilitate an efficient review process:

· Submit separate internet gaming and internet sports betting ICS if participating in both

· Submit ICS using Microsoft Word as the file format

· Use the reference numbers in Attachment A and Attachment B to identify the location of each ICS requirement

· Provide a written explanation of any requirements not addressed in your submission

· Follow the same order format as outlined in Attachments A and B, if possible (this may not be feasible in all cases)

The MGCB noted that “operators and platform providers who submit a materially complete set of ICS by August 31, 2020 will increase their likelihood of “going live” during the initial launch in Michigan.”



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