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Senate Bill 991 amending the Lawful Internet Gaming Act to allow the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) to enter into agreements to facilitate multijurisdictional internet poker was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives on Thursday of this week. Under the bill, MGCB is allowed to enter into agreements with other jurisdictions, including Indian tribes, to facilitate, administer, and regulate multijurisdictional internet gaming for poker by internet gaming operators, as long as both of the following conditions were met: 

  • Entering into the agreement is consistent with state and federal laws. 
  • The internet gaming under the agreement is conducted only in the United States. 

Internet Gaming Operators will have to do both of the following as a condition of licensure: 

  • Comply with the act, MGCB rules, and minimum internet controls regarding procedures and requirements for accepting internet poker wagers made by individuals located in other jurisdictions. 
  • Maintain one or more mechanisms on the internet gaming platform that are designed to reasonably verify that an authorized participant is at least 21 years old and that internet wagering is limited to transactions made by an authorized participant located in another United States jurisdiction authorized by the multijurisdictional agreement. (Licensees must currently maintain age and location verification mechanisms for authorized participants located in Michigan.) 

The Michigan House returned the bill to the Senate which is expected to file it for approval with Governor Whitmer.


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