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On Wednesday, March 31, the Ohio Senate’s Select Committee on Gaming conducted its final hearing for interested parties to voice their views on the expansion of gaming in the state to include sports betting. The gaming committee was commissioned in January to oversee “gaming regulation in Ohio and to analyze the industries’ economic impact on the state” and conducted nine hearings to explore the topic.  The committee received input from a variety of stakeholders, including professional Ohio sports teams, local businesses, state lottery officials, and large casino operators. In total, the committee heard from over 40 people. 

A bill is expected to be put together by the end of April and introduced when the legislature returns from an Easter and Spring break. 

At a press conference held in early March, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine expressed his confidence that the legalization and regulation of sports gaming “is inevitable and [is] coming to Ohio.” Ohio would become the twenty-sixth state to authorize sports gaming, if the legislature decides to do so. 


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