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In a recent press release, the American Gaming Association (AGA) announced a partnership with DraftKings to promote the AGA’s “Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly” public service campaign. DraftKings plans to implement the campaign into all ten of its retail sportsbooks throughout the United States.

The AGA developed the Have a Game Plan campaign as an educational resource to instruct consumers on responsible sports betting practices and to increase problem gambling awareness. As part of its efforts, DraftKings will install physical and electronic signage at its retail properties to better inform patrons about the signs of problem gambling while instructing patrons on safe and responsible gaming practices.

Christine Thurmond, DraftKings’ Director of Responsible Gaming, is “confident that implementing Have A Game Plan alongside [DraftKings’] responsible gaming messaging and tools will enable us to increase customer exposure to responsible gaming practices and ultimately foster safer play.”

DraftKings will also expand its efforts to its existing range of digital marketing and social media accounts. In addition to promoting responsible gambling behavior through its social channels, DraftKings will use its own existing responsible gaming framework, “It’s More Fun When It’s For Fun,” to support player protection practices. 

This flagship collaboration marks the first comprehensive expansion of the AGA’s campaign throughout the national retail sportsbook industry. And through its involvement, DraftKings can further its responsible gaming mission to “mitigate harm and protect vulnerable populations using groundbreaking technology, providing training and resources for employees and customers, and by supporting evidence-based research.”

The expansion of sports betting throughout the United States has increased the importance of responsible, safe gambling practices. By “bringing the Have A Game Plan campaign to DraftKings’ extensive network of sportsbooks and customers,” the AGA is confident it can more successfully “keep bettors safe and educated about responsible gaming.”


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