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The American Gaming Association’s “Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker” report provides monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date gross gaming revenue at both a state and national level. The Q1 2021 report revealed that April 2021 generated commercial gaming’s second highest level of revenue of all time, with combined revenue from traditional casino gaming, sports betting, and iGaming reaching $4.44 billion nationally.

April revenue closely tracked the current record revenue generated in March 2021, down by one percent from the $4.8 billion generated that month. Traditional gaming revenue (slots and table games) contributed $3.79 billion to the April total, with iGaming generating $299.9 million and sports betting generating $283.4 million. These strong results are corroborated by the fact that only three of the twenty-five states that authorized casino gaming as of April 2019 witnessed year-over-year decreases in revenue.

The AGA report attributed all-time high slot machine revenue and nearly pre-pandemic table game revenue levels to the reduction of operating restrictions in casinos, with eight of the twenty-five traditional casino states permitting casinos to operate at full capacity.

Further illustrating the successful quarter, the report revealed that, in the states that track casino admissions, traditional casino revenue per visitor increased between 23% and 49% when compared to April 2019 revenue.

Sports betting and iGaming played a significant role in boosting April 2021 revenue above pre-pandemic levels. With more than double the number of commercial sports betting jurisdictions, by the end of the 2021 March Madness tournament, commercial sports book revenue surpassed April 2020 levels by nearly 440%. While iGaming witnessed its first month-to-month decline since November 2020, combined revenue from both iGaming and sports betting accounted for more than 13.1% of U.S. commercial gaming revenue in April 2021.

The AGA’s report, including data and illustrations, can be found here.


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