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The Michigan Lottery has provided more than $941.2 million to the School Aid Fund in Fiscal Year 2018, its fourth straight record contribution.  Contributions for the last four years exceed $3.5 billion, about 16% of the $22.4 billion that the Lottery has provided for Michigan schools in its 46-year history.

According to the lottery commission, it set several other major records in Fiscal Year 2018, including:

  • Nearly $3.6 billion in sales, up from the record $3.3 billion set last year
  • More than $2.2 billion in prizes to players, up from the record $2 billion set last year
  • More than $266.5 million in commissions to Lottery retailers, many of which are small, family-owned businesses, up from the record $249.2 million set last year

The Lottery's record performance in 2018 was fueled primarily by a 12.6% increase in instant game purchases - the fifth straight year of double-digit growth for those games - as well as the growing popularity of the Fast Cash games, continued growth of online sales, and two large Mega Millions jackpots.

For each dollar spent on a Michigan Lottery ticket in FY 2018 approximately:

  • 62 cents went back to players as prizes
  • 26 cents went to the School Aid Fund
  • 9 cents went to commissions for retailers and vendors
  • 3 cents was used to fund the Lottery's operations and administrative costs

Under state law, all profits from the Lottery go to the School Aid Fund. In FY 2018, contributions from the Lottery comprised approximately 7%  of the fund.

The Lottery recently attained Responsible Gaming Verification of its program through the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries and recertification of its online program through the National Council on Problem Gambling.

For more information about how the Michigan Lottery benefits local schools click  here.


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