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The Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (“MAPG”) and the National Council on Problem Gambling (“NCPG”) recognize March as “Problem Gambling Awareness Month”.   MAPG President Michael Burke stated the following in an interview with this publication:

It is our hope as an organization that we can work together with all of the stakeholders to provide meaningful services for that small percentage of gamblers who are adversely affected by gambling in this state.

The MAPG is focused on trying to assure that the generous money that is allocated to address problem gambling by various stakeholders gets spent in a meaningful way that assures that the small percentage of people needing help get appropriate treatment.  

Yesterday, Senator Aric Nesbitt introduced Senate Resolution 0019, which was quickly adopted by the Senate.  It provides as follows:

A resolution commemorating March 2019 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Whereas, Legalized gambling is available in a variety of forms across Michigan; and

Whereas, For some individuals, gambling becomes an issue with significant societal and economic costs for them, their families, and their communities; and

Whereas, Problem gambling is a public health issue affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds; and

Whereas, The National Council on Problem Gambling is coordinating the fifteenth annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Month during March, and seeks to increase public awareness of problem gambling as well as the availability of prevention, treatment, and recovery services; and

Whereas, Problem gambling is treatable and such treatment is effective in minimizing harm to both individuals and society; and

Whereas, It is important to raise public awareness of the warning signs of problem gambling and the availability and effectiveness of treatment; and

Whereas, Educating citizens about problem gambling is important not only to recognize it, but to prevent it as well; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate, That members of this legislative body commemorate March 2019 as Problem Gambling Awareness Month; and be it further

Resolved, That we urge the state of Michigan to recognize the seriousness of problem gambling and encourage all of its citizens to play responsibly.

The NCPG has sponsored the Problem Gambling Awareness Month for 15 years now.  More information on the topic can be found at its website at https://www.ncpgambling.org/.


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