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The Gun Lake Tribe announced its fall revenue sharing payments from electronic gaming revenues reported between April 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019. The State of Michigan received $5,613,249, the Local Revenue Sharing Board received $2,384,933, and GLIMI, an economic development entity, received $1,683,975. Since entering into its compact with the State, the Gun Lake Tribe has shared a total of $136,337,400 with state and local governments.

Bob Peters, Chairman of the Gun Lake Tribe, said, “This revenue sharing distribution to the state and local communities allows us to continue the mission of Gun Lake Casino by providing a thriving work environment for our Team Members, endless opportunities for our Tribal Citizens, and dedicated service to the quality of life for Michigan’s citizens.”

The revenue sharing payments are dependent on the preservation of exclusive gaming rights within the Tribe’s competitive market area, which includes Kent, Kalamazoo, and Ingham counties. The Gun Lake Tribe’s gaming compact with the State of Michigan defines this exclusive gaming area and includes statewide expansion of some lottery games.

Of the revenue shared, the Tribe has shared more than $91 million with the State of Michigan. These payments help fund the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which awards grants to businesses to invest in Michigan and create jobs. In addition, the Local Revenue Sharing Board receives and administers the payments that are directed to local community causes. The gaming compact mandates that funding support local municipalities for costs incurred due to operation of the casino, public safety services, and replacement of tax revenue.


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