An operator of an illegal gambling operation, David Hoppe, and his son will be sentenced in Macomb County Circuit Court in March. As previously reported in Volume 26, Issue 5 of the Michigan Gaming Newsletter, the trial began on January 29thand resulted in a conviction for David Hoppe and a plea deal from Lucas Hoppe.

A jury found Hoppe guilty of one felony count of running an illegal gambling operation, two felony counts of using computers to commit a crime, and a misdemeanor charge of maintaining a gambling house for gain in Roseville, Michigan. Chief Judge James M. Biernat, Jr. will sentence Hoppe on March 5th.

Hoppe’s son, Lucas, pleaded guilty to a reduced felony charge of attempting to run an illegal gambling operation, while three other charges against him were dropped. Judge Diane M. Druzinski will sentence Lucas Hoppe on March 12th. Charges against Denise Hagan, an employee of the operation, were dropped.

“Illegal gambling operations not only pose a threat to consumers through rigged games, but they also rob our schools and government of essential funding,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. “We have gambling regulations in place to protect our residents – and those who defy those regulations will be held accountable.”

Executive Director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) Rick Kalm said, “Illegal gambling operations can lead to other serious crimes. In general, people are cheated, and the money earned by these facilities funds organized crime. We urge Michigan citizens to report suspected illegal gambling to local authorities or to our agency.”

David Hoppe’s felony charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, while Lucas Hoppe could be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years.


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