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This year, Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW) is September 13-19. Sponsored by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and its members, RGEW is proud to showcase the industry's dedication to responsible gaming programs. RGEW provides opportunity to refresh employee training, promote transparency and gaming literacy to customers, and work with community partners on advancing responsible gaming initiatives.

This year's RGEW is focused on Have A Game Plan. Bet Responsibly, a campaign designed to educate bettors on responsible sports wagering. The campaign highlights four key principles of responsible gaming: set a budget and stick to it, keep it social, be informed, and play with trusted licensed, regulated operators.

Some of the ways that the AGA suggests participating in this year's RGEW include partnering with a local National Council on Problem Gambling chapter, reinvigorating brochures and posters offered to employees, or sharing responsible gaming messages on social media and websites.

For more information on this year's RGEW, visit the AGA's website in the coming weeks.


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