As previously reported in Volume 26, Issue 10 of the Michigan Gaming Newsletter, David Hoppe was convicted and sentenced earlier this year in connection with an illegal gambling operation, 777 Café, in Macomb County. Mr. Hoppe was sentenced to one year of probation for his 777 Café operation. Now Mr. Hoppe faces sentencing for an illegal gambling operation in Genesee County on October 12.

The Michigan Department of Attorney General and the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) investigated Spin City, a suspected illegal gambling operation in Flint Township. Charges were filed against Mr. Hoppe in June, to which he pled guilty on August 19before 67thDistrict Court Chief Judge Mark C. McCabe to one felony count of conducting illegal gambling activities and one felony count of using a computer to commit a felony. Both charges are punishable by up to ten years in prison. Four other charges were dismissed, including three charges of aiding and abetting an illegal gambling operation and one charge of racketeering by conducting a criminal enterprise.

“Gambling is a highly regulated activity in Michigan, and the MGCB and law enforcement agencies are serious about protecting citizens from illegal operators, who often are tied to organized crime,” said Rick Kalm, MGCB Executive Director. “Communities do not benefit from illegal gambling, but legal gambling supports schools and communities through taxes and revenue-sharing payments.”

In addition to his conviction associated with 777 Café, Mr. Hoppe pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of maintaining a gaming or gambling place in 2013. Mr. Hoppe agreed that he would not make available to the public any gaming machines not certified as non-gambling devices by either the MGCB or an MGCB-approved test lab as part of his plea agreement. This 2013 plea agreement dismissed a ten-year felony charge, as reported in Volume 26, Issue 2 of the Michigan Gaming Newsletter.

“Illegal gambling only serves to hurt our communities by diverting the taxes and revenue that would otherwise be derived from legal gambling operations and used to support the functions of our state and schools,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel. “Gambling regulations are in place for a reason and those who attempt to sidestep those rules will be held accountable. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our partners at the Michigan Gaming Control Board in putting a stop to these unlawful actions.”

Sentencing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on October 12 before Judge Mark W. Latchana at the Genesee County Circuit Court. Three others were charged in connection with the Spin City operation, who will appear in court in December.


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