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The American Gaming Association (AGA) introduced its “Next Generation Gaming Initiative” in 2017 as a resource to help modernize gaming policy and regulations. Since then, the AGA has released many white papers and resources to educate the industry about regulatory reforms that can improve efficiency, drive down costs, and support gaming integrity. This week, the AGA released a new resource for regulatory reform: “Regulatory Reform in the COVID-19 Era.”

This paper highlights how many of the previously suggested regulatory reforms offer essential opportunities to support the gaming industry’s recovery from COVID-19 challenges. The paper looks at how some of the modern technologies and tools that have been used to navigate COVID-19 in the past several months could be implemented permanently to improve licensing and reporting.

The suggested reforms include:

  • Moving to fully digital licensing and renewal processes, including digital filing and storage of documents, and modifications to the fingerprinting and notarization requirements;
  • Adopting videoconferencing technology permanently for interviews and agency meetings;
  • Modifying licensing and registration requirements for institutional investors, along with extending the approval period for certain public offering and debt transactions; and
  • Streamlining the testing process for new products.

To read the paper, please click here.


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