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Gun Lake Tribe’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office has been awarded a Tribal Heritage grant funded by the Historic Preservation Fund and administered by the National Park Service of the Department of Interior.

The grant will allow the Tribal Historic Preservation Office to develop an inventory of cultural and historical resources related to Gun Lake Tribe, and successfully implement forms, policies, and procedures related to the GIS inventory.

“This project will build up the infrastructure on the Tribe’s Historic Preservation office in order to support the Tribe in protecting cultural and historical resources and asserting our rights as a Sovereign Nation,” said Tribal Chairman Bob Peters.

The Tribe plans to develop a process to formally identify and inventory sites within the GIS database of cultural and historically significant sites in order to protect and preserve them. This will be the first, most important step to identifying, recording, and storing information pertaining to all sites of cultural and historical significance to Gun Lake Tribe.

“We are looking forward to utilizing this grant funding to lay the foundation for our Tribal Historic Preservation Office to build additional historic preservation programs and infrastructure,” said Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Lakota Pochedley. “This project will ultimately lead to us further focus on community outreach and educational programming.” 

For more information about the NPS’s Tribal Historic Preservation Grants, click here. To learn more about Gun Lake Tribe’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office, click here.


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