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Rick Kalm, the executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board (“MGCB”), will join a panel in speaking at an upcoming webinar hosted by Global Gaming Expo, the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) and the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (“AGEM”) on tools in dealing with illegal unregulated gaming machines.  The seminar will occur on Thursday, April 22 at 2:00 p.m. eastern time and will consist of Mr. Kalm and additional panelists Ed Davis and Kevin Mullally, with Jess Feil of the AGA moderating the event.  Mr. Davis is the CEO of Edward Davis LLC Security and Management Consulting and a former Boston Police Commissioner, while Mr. Mullally is the Senior Vice President of Government Relations & General Counsel of GLI.  Ms. Feil is Vice President, Government Relations and Gaming Policy Counsel of the AGA. The webinar will focus on effective ways to collaborate with law enforcement, policymakers and regulators on the topic of unregulated gambling machines, along with educating consumers on how to identify and protect themselves from these illegal machines.  Interested parties can register here.

The seminar coincides with the AGA’s release of a whitepaper that is covered in more detail in this newsletter and is intended to address concerns raised from the recent growth of unregulated machines, including lack of testing, consumer protections, responsible gaming measures, and ultimately deprivation of legitimate gaming operations and economic impacts.  In an earlier press release announcing the partnership between AGEM and the AGA, Marcus Prater, the executive director of AGEM, stated: “The spread of these machines represents a serious threat to the overall regulated market that has invested billions in infrastructure while also creating thousands of jobs and substantial tax benefits in the communities they serve. Moreover, unregulated machines prey on confused players who see slot machine symbols and think they’re getting a fair chance when they absolutely are not.”


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