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This Responsible Gaming Education Week (September 19 – 25), the American Gaming Association (AGA) in a press release has revealed that the American public’s view of the gaming industry is becoming more positive. The AGA’s research indicates that the majority of American adults view the industry as a source of high-quality jobs while two-thirds of American Adults consider the gaming industry to be a positive economic force. Consistent with this perspective, 73 percent of American adults support the legalization of sports betting in their respective states.

The gaming industry is a “committed, responsible partner and economic driver in communities across the country,” said AGA President and CEO Bill Miller. In fact, as the AGA’s data reveals, when compared with 2018 data, nearly 40 percent more Americans believe the industry is committed to responsible gaming. The data additionally revealed that approximately 80 percent of gamblers in the past year are familiar with responsible gaming resources.

The AGA is confident that its focus on responsible gaming correlates with positive views of the gaming industry. According to Bill Miller, “As legal gaming expands to new geographies and verticals, everyone engaged with legal gaming must work together to grow responsibly—our collective success depends on it.”

As part of Responsible Gaming Week 2021, the AGA advocated its “Have a Game Plan—Bet Responsibly”campaign to ensure sports wagering continues to grow in a responsible manner. The program seeks to inform consumers of the basic components of responsible sports wagering: setting and adhering to a budget, understanding the odds, playing for fun, and avoiding illegal wagering operations.

In addition to the AGA’s responsible sports betting framework, the organization has promulgated a Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering, which “defines a robust set of principles to protect consumers and sets a high standard for advertising . . . while maintaining responsible gaming inclusion across marketing activity.”

This responsible gaming-focused approach remains an essential component to the gaming industry’s sustained growth throughout the country. As commercial gaming revenue continues to approach record levels, a trend that the AGA attributes to increasingly favorable views of the industry, the gaming industry has “risen from the most devastating period in [its] history and embarked on a record-setting comeback.” 


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