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Michigan Internet Gaming and Online Sports Betting Operators Report $134 Million in Combined Total Gross Receipts for October

According to a press release, Michigan commercial and tribal internet casino gaming and online sports betting operators reported $134 million in combined total gross internet gaming receipts and gross internet sports betting receipts for October. October results were 6.3 % higher than September.

For October commercial and tribal operators’ internet gaming gross receipts totaled $109.7 million, which is a Michigan record exceeding the previous state gross receipts record of $102.4 million set in September 2021. Gross internet sports betting receipts for October were $24.3 million. October surpassed another Michigan record, total internet sports betting handle was $463.3 million, surpassing the previous state record of $359.5 million established in March 2021 and 30.8% higher than last month.

Combined total adjusted gross receipts and adjusted gross sports betting receipts were $103.6 million in October and include: • Internet casino gaming:

  • $98.9 million
  • Internet sports betting: $4.7 million

Adjusted gross receipts include deductions for the monetary value of free play incentives provided to and wagered by bettors.

The operators delivered $20.8 million in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan for October, with Internet gaming contributing $20.3 million and internet sports betting contributing $552,907.

For internet sports betting, commercial operators pay 70% of the 8.4% tax to the state and 30% to the city of Detroit. Tribal operators make an 8.4% payment on adjusted gross receipts to the State of Michigan.

The three Detroit Casinos – MotorCity Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Greektown Casino – reported city wagering taxes and municipal service fees of $5.9 million for:

  • Internet gaming taxes and fees: $5.5 million
  • Internet sports betting taxes and fees: $354,113

Tribal operators reported making total payments of $2.3 million of wagering payment to the tribes’ governing bodies according to the MGCB.

From the Jan. 22 launch through October 31, aggregate internet casino gaming adjusted gross receipts totaled $797.5 million and aggregate internet sports betting adjusted gross sports betting receipts were $65.2 million.

An online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution table is available on the agency’s website.

During October, 14 operators were authorized for one or both forms of online wagering. Details for each operator’s internet gaming and internet sports betting results are available in tables published on the MGCB website.

MGCB Announces Efforts to Enhance Fundraising for Michigan Charitable Gaming Association Members

To offset the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Michigan Charitable Gaming Association (MiCGA) members during 2020 and the first half of 2021, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) announced its intent to enhance fundraising efforts for charitable organizations. MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams and Deputy Director Kurt Steinkamp, announced the new effort during the MiCGA’s Legislative Day and Annual Meeting in Lansing, according to a press release.

Commenting on the agency’s announcement, Executive Director Williams noted that “we want to partner with charities to ensure they are successful in raising funds so they can continue to support many positive efforts in their communities.”

The MGCB will seek to improve millionaire party fundraising efforts to benefit Michigan charities. As a preliminary step, the MGCB recently updated the rules for millionaire party event expenses, enabling charities to spend more on supplierrelated expenses. Additionally, the MGCB is working to develop internet-based license applications for charities to further encourage new suppliers to enter the market to help grow millionaire party events.

As the MGCB continues to improve fundraising conditions for charities, Executive Director Williams emphasized the continued importance of customer service for charities. “We listened to the charities’ concerns and are committed to continuing conversations regarding matters that will benefit Michigan charities,” Williams confirmed.